waterstones-artIt suddenly hits you. Exhaustion. You’re driving in the desert and you decide to pull over at a bowling alley to maybe bowl a few games so that you can wake up.

What happens next in Barry Ghabaei’s short story “Bowling Alley” can only evoke bliss and joy.  Happiness. Laughter. As with all his other stories, such as “Skate, Ball, and Ski” or “The Big Screen” no other literary voice comes close to the wit and silliness of this writer.

The voice of Barry Ghabaei comes at you like a curveball.  Imagine yourself standing at bat with the bases loaded. Your team is losing three points. It’s up to you to strike a grand slam at the bottom of the ninth with two outs. These stories come at you like a curveball in this situation. If you can “hit” one, then you have what it takes to understand one of the greatest works of all time.