poet-art Many poets nowadays are turning to The Poet’s Middle Finger as a means of finding sympathy. Where have all the poets gone now? Does poetry any longer exist? What ever happened to literary generations?- and crowds of artists who gathered to discuss with each other their own theories on arts and the world?

[“Barry Ghabaei’s early, dark and somber style (seen in BONKERS) has evolved into an inventive, often surreal idiom that blurs reality and fantasy.”]

In PMF: Ghabaei was a poet who was madly in love with his girlfriend, Mellie. Together, they lived in a tiny shack on the shore of Manhattan Beach, CA. where he spent endless hours devising a literary theory (Ewbanism) which was meant to crack the code of all Literature. But what happens instead of being congratulated for his work, and deifi ed as a Literary Prodigy for these unprecedented theories, is the dumping of disgrace, pity, and rejection upon Ghabaei, from all of society’s angles. All is lost for the young poet until an old man shows up in his life. Could the old man make things better for Ghabaei? Or, could he actually make things worse than they already are? Told in a voice that will rivet laughter through your heart and pierce your soul with sorrow, THE POET’S MIDDLE FINGER is the best a story about a poet can get!