Book O’

oWhich TV sitcom was it that Barry Ghabaei thought he lived IN? Was it the all-American, women shoes salesman named “Sal Bundy?”

What would you do if your book didn’t sell? Would you be so desperate as Barry Ghabaei was in tossing free copies of his book at people’s doors, like the newspaperman in “Book Promo?”

Did a good ‘hit of the pipe’ ever make you dance the Hawk-like Chicken Dance at a Native America Convention?

All these stories and much much more in BOOK O’

Book O’ is a collection of versatile short stories that will throw you for a spin. A collection of lovable anecdotes told in a riveting voice that will make you wonder whether you should laugh or cry. Book O’ is a Book O’ Fun. A Book O’ Laughs. And a Book O’ Love.