Bananas! Stories that are just plain bananas!

Imagine Salinger, Kerouac, Runyon, Hemingway…all the great writers sitting down together in a bar or cafe, taking turns at creating the next scene of a short story. As the story unfolds it induces nothing but laughter among them. Different styles clash, different word choices collide, and nothing but laughter shoots out from all their guts as the story unfolds slowly, and Hemingway drinks his beers, and Salinger smokes his cigars, and Kerouac just sits there looney as he always is, and laughs, laughs, laughs.

Barry’s stories are almost like a stand-up comedy show among the Greatest of the Greats where each writer takes a turn at the next unfolding scene! These short stories and sketches are made to make the belly bounce, to forget about all the times where a frown tried to “wear the crown.”

Barry Ghabaei has the power to make readers laugh and love.  Yes, love too. For without love, there is no connection in Life. And without love there cannot be laughter.

He has a gift- and it can only be seen here, within the pages of his work. Enjoy these delectable anecdotes and remember that comedy will always prevail no matter how hard you twist the plot.