basket-artEveryone wants to be President, right? And everyone has a plan of what to do in order to better the country, right? In his novella, “Basket”, Barry Ghabaei talks about how everyone has a plan.  Slightly brushing ideas on prejudice and discrimination, Basket is a satire that’ll certainly strike a nerve and make you laugh at the world at the same time.

Following the novella, are many short stories that once again take us through the roller coaster ride of Barry Ghabaei’s mind.  “Battyman and Spidyman” which is about how one criminal finds out that he’s related to a couple of superheroes and thus, tries to change his crooked ways.

“Crocodile” – two surfers hit the waves when they see a crocodile approaching. What’s more is that when they run away from it, it chases after them- ON IT’S HIND LEGS!

“Twainy” – How crooked can some criminals be? (But smart too…) Twainy is about a deranged Mark Twain aficionado who kidnaps a small child after shooting his parents at gun point.  The story is told from the perspective of an officer who has his way with the deranged murderer.

So…Stand up to the plate and brace yourself for the curve-balls in Barry Ghabaei’s collection. These are the stories of our generation. Take a swing if you dare!