Bahram’s Shorts

Aliens have landed in Watermelon Grove! And a company of booksellers have been sent there to save the world from utter devastation.  Why booksellers? Who knows!

Affleck is a video store manager, and one day while cleaning up his store after closing, he notices his videos all gone. Disappeared! Poof! Like magic.  Who did it? How did it happen? Where did they go? And what will he tell his manager?

The Flyer is a machine made by a young boy to fly in the air. Will it actually take off when he rolls it off a building, as he sits on it himself and pedals the intricate mechanism? Or will he plummet to his death?

Never before have short stories taken such twist and turns. These are the stories of our future! Indulge yourself in over 100 quirky, emotional, and humorous short stories – all unedited and raw!