Excerpt from “Stacey” in Bahram’s Shorts

“Stacey and I did it on her bed, while her husband was flipping channels in another room. I didn’t climax mainly because I was nervous. The thing lasted for about two minutes- just ‘in and out’ a few times, and then I told her to quit it, because I was scared her husband would catch us. Besides, it wasn’t really feeling great.  The intercourse was mainly so that we could say that we finally had intercourse with each other.”

Author: bghabaei

I am a writer, the creator of Wondrous Fiction. Wondrous Fiction is a type of genre where no rules apply but for the telling of your story with a true inner voice. Told often in a humorous way, it's called "wonderous" because more often than not, it makes you gaze at this impenetrable world, and wonder.