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Wondrous Fiction: Def. -(noun)- a category of literary genre created by Barry Ghabaei where focus is not made so much on the mechanics of the English languge, but rather telling the story with a true voice.  The significance of Wondrous Fiction is to encourage young writers to write, rather than worry over grammatical, spelling, or any other kind of punctual errors.  In a world where writing and reading has diminished greatly, we encourage young artists to not worry so much over these critical details, and rather, have the freedom to write a story any way they want/can.



And so, we have Barry Ghabaei, someone who has brought back the ardor for literature.  In the age of the beginning of the 21st Century, where stories have taken its most embarrassing plummet in the history of time, in comes this person to revive the lost art.  Seen only as a writer who’s bringing back a lost art, a needed art, a necessary art… Enjoy his work. “WONDROUS, because you wonder how he does it!”