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(Disclaimer: Wondrous Fiction applies to the general timeframe we live in today.  It would not work in any other period of our historical existence.)

Wondrous Fiction: Def. -(noun)- a category of literary genre created by Barry Ghabaei, in reaction to the sudden drop and low-density of readers, writers, and literary artists in the early half of the 21st Century. It is coined “Wondrous” partly due to the ambiguous nature of why this trend has formed among the people and why children, teens, and adults alike feel unconfident, reluctant, or intimidated towards creating stories, and reading novels.                                                                                                In turn, in order to solve this issue, Barry has eliminated all probable avenues of creative congestion -and formed,  Wondrous Fiction– where focus is not made so much on the rigid mechanics of the English language but rather, telling the story with a hundred percent emphasis on literary VOICE.  Barry’s stories prove to us that VOICE alone, as the sole ingredient, can propel readers and writers through anyone’s literary mission.  The significance of Wondrous Fiction is to encourage young writers to write and express themselves with their true inner VOICE,  rather than to worry about rules or perfection…And rather than worrying over these rigid mechanics and the myriad of laws that follow, rather than being discouraged by these factors to the point of not involving oneself in any type of reading endeavor whatsoever, Wondrous Fiction has allowed more room to breathe for anyone who has the passion for literature, still, and refuses to give up the arduous fight when there’s the powerful force of Voice alone to work with.                                                                                                                                                In a world where writing and reading has diminished greatly, literature has taken an embarrassing fall for all; it is practically in a state of emergency as very few people have interest in reading anymore, and minds are becoming stale and starved for any creative juice. Hence, Barry encourages young writers to evolve, now, he encourages to begin a literary GENERATION, where young artists are not to worry so much over trivial details such as the rigid laws and mechanics of language, and rather, have the freedom to write in any way they want using their true VOICE.

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And so, we have Barry Ghabaei, someone who has brought back the ardor for literature.  In the age of the beginning of the 21st Century, where stories have taken its most embarrassing plummet in the history of time, in comes this person to revive the lost art.  Seen only as a writer who’s bringing back a lost art, a needed art, a necessary art… Enjoy his work. “WONDROUS, because you wonder how he does it!”